Our Staff

Bradda E
& Loke

From the slopes of Haleakala to the slopes of Mauna Loa, we finally moved to our property in HOVE from the Island of Maui. Living our dream...the simple life!
Bradda E is from Oahu, and Loke from Maui.
Start your week and end your week with the Dynamic Duo of Brada E & Loke.

Monday & Friday, 9 am-1 pm "Mid Morning Jams (Hawaiian & Reggae Kine)
Tuesdays & Thursdays 9 am - 1pm "Morning Party" Playing Oldies from 70's through the 90's.

We're here to share our Aloha of Music with you!


DJ-D.A. has been working with honeybees and writing poetry in Ka'u since 2013. Currently a student at the University of Hawaii, D.A. is always eager to learn more about the world. An avid traveler who is also a fan of diverse culture and music. His brand website, along with updated radio broadcasts, can be found at www.trackthroughtrack.com

DJ-D.A. is the host and creator of the former live monthly event "Na'ālehu Poetry Night", and proud to host two new shows on Ka'u community radio.

Mondays 5am-8am "Track-Through-Track : R&B" is a show dedicated to smooth jams sure to start your day right. Positive, and uplifting rhythms that will put you in a joyous mood. Also, the standard occasional broken-hearted ballad. On your commute, or waking up slowly? The music & lyrics of this slot will motivate you to take it nice n' easy on your Monday morning. Each week we will have a show theme ranging from eras of music, families, locations, and more. Playing artists like Sade, Aaliyah, Jill Scott, Maxwell, Erykah Badu, Joss Stone, and MANY more!

Saturdays 5am-7am "Track-Through-Track: Global 100" is a show featuring popular songs from all over the world. U.S. radio usually misses the advantage of a global point of view, this show is going to change that. We'll be playing popular music based from anywhere to Germany, to Australia, to India, and much, much more! A vast variety of languages will be heard on this show. The possibilities are endless on this slot, and so is the education. Be prepared to dive into other cultures as DJ- D.A. spins tunes and facts about the other communities that we share this beautiful earth with.

Tim Reed

Founder & President

Founder & owner of, Ka'u Radio. Began this wonderful station during the pandemic of 2021. He helps fill in and also works on Sundays to help with the Christian Radio community!

DJ Johann

DJ Johann Träut is a lifetime student enrolled in the Beatz Institute of Grooveology, where he is involved in a perpetual evolutionary expansion out into the infinite bounds of the musical universe.

He is the host and curator of MusicVibe 360, a sound lab which performs research and experimentation on a seemingly endless variety of genres eclectic, electric, and electronic.

Fridays from 5pm-9pm, DJ Johann embarks on explorative and genre-hopping musical travels, digging deep into layered and simmering potions of sound from near and far, where danceaholics are desired, and head bobbing, goosenecking, and bootyshaking are required.

DJ Gen-Z

Being of the GENeration Z, and her love of music has been part of her since day 1. Now being 13, graduated form High School, she's trying out the Ohana business, and enjoying it! Come listen to her show on Thursday late afternoon 4-5pm HST.

DJ Keanu

I'm from Ka'u Hawaii , joining this team is amazing. I love music with a passion.

Every Tuesdays I'll be playing Rock Music From 9pm-12am.

Every Fridays I'll be playing Country Hits from 6pm-10pm.

Our Sydicated Shows

Sunday Night Slow Jams

Sunday Night Slow Jams Syndicated Show

We've been blessed by Mr. R-Dub to be able to host his weekly show and coming soon the evening 2 hr Mon - Th show!
To get more info on this, please click

Chris Johnston
Sound of Brass

Sounds of Brass Syndicated show from the UK

Chris is a Very experienced Brass Musician! semi retired Euphonium player and Musical Director. Bringing you the Best Of Brass Band Music! my web site

His show, debuts with us , this Saturday evening, 9pm HST!